How to install H2RES?

To install H2RES, you need to have the computer with Python installed, installed Gurobipy package and the valid license for Gurobi.

Step 1. – Obtain Python and interpreter

We recommend to obtain the Python from Anaconda website. Anaconda distribution contains Python itself with various interpreters. We recommend to use the Spyder interpreter.

Step 2. Installation

When installing, use default settings.

Step 3. Spyder and Gurobi setup

In the search bar, type “Spyder” and run the application.

When the application starts, navigate to the console at the bottom right side.

type: “pip install gurobipy” and click enter.

Now, the Python will install Gurobipy package.

Step 4. – Register on Gurobi website and obtain the license

In order to enable full functionalities of H2RES, one must obtain and install the license.

Gurobi offers free Academic license.

Users have to register at

After registering, please log into you account. You will see the display like this:

Navigate to the section “Licenses” where you have to ask for the Academic license. Chose the option “Named user Academic” option

Go the the “Request” section and request the new license

Click “Install” to proceed with the installation of Gurobi.

You will get the message like in the following figure.

Copy the generated command into the “Command prompt” on you computer and click Enter

If asked about the location of the license storage, type “Y” to confirm the default storage location and click Enter

Step 5: Download H2RES

Go to H2RES downloads section and download the model.

Unzip the archive into desired folder.

Open Spyder and navigate to the folder where H2RES is located.

Open in Spyder.

click “Run

Prerequisites to be able to obtain the license:

The request for the new license must be sent while connected to the internet via academic domain, either onsite or through VPN.

The installation process of the license itself must be carried out while that computer is connected to the internet via academic domain.

If it is not possible to connect through academic domain, describe the problem to Gurobi Help and provide the information on your current internet connection setup. You can obtain the data on the setup by running the command: “ipconfig /all” through Command Prompt.

Installation of the rest of the required packages

run following commands in the Spyder console (same procedure as for gurobipy)

pip install pandas

pip install numpy

pip install math

pip install sys

pip install mathplotlib

pip install os

pip install shutil

YouTube video on installation:

On July 24th, the live event on the demonstration of the installation was held. The event was recorded and you can watch the playback here: